“The Letter For The King”: A surprisingly captivating series

“The Letter For The King”: A surprisingly captivating series

“The Letter For The King” is a series with riveting characters, an adventurous plot, and lastly, creative magical effects.

“The Letter For The King” is a TV-Drama released on Mar. 20. The series follows Tiuri, a teenage boy who holds the destiny of his kingdoms in his hands as he undertakes a quest to deliver a secret and mysterious letter to the king.

This series has riveting characters for various reasons. There are a number of characters, but the ones that appear in nearly every single episode are the ones I’d consider the most riveting and important. These characters are Tiuri, Lavinia, Iona, Arman, Jussipo, Foldo, Piak, Prince Viridian, and Jaro. The characters in the series had many characteristics, ranging from brave and bold, to ignorant and foolish.

I really appreciated the fact that the series focuses on each important character, even if it is only briefly. This allowed me to really see how the characters were, which made them more riveting. I would say the characters were round for the most part because I was able to see different transformations in some of them, but mostly Tiuri. Tiuri started off as a scared and “weak” boy who did not even want to become a knight and ended up being one of the bravest characters, if not the bravest. Overall, the characters just felt very well developed, especially my favorite character, Ardanwen, who was actually a horse.

This series also had an incredibly adventurous plot. Tiuri and some of the other characters had to face knights a multiple times, which required a lot of hiding and running away. The majority of the series involved that, but I did not mind it because it kept me at the edge of my seat. As each episode passes by, the characters discover a lot of new things, including what is on the letter that Tiuri is supposed to deliver to the king.

The main reason why everyone is after Tiuri is because he has the letter, and many other characters want to get a hold of it. Basically every single character has to face a number of challenges, whether they are the “bad guys” or the “good guys.” A number of characters die throughout different episodes, but we also get to meet new characters, which I think just adds on to the adventure of it all. 

In addition to having riveting characters and an adventurous plot, this series also has creative magical effects. For example, certain characters have powers, which allow them to do a number of things such as to cause explosions and protect themselves by creating a sort of dome or shield. I found these magical elements to be placed at the right moment, which made the series more compelling.

In my opinion, these elements were very creative, and if they were to be lacking in the series, I think it would take away a lot of very important and interesting moments. They just contribute to the series overall, in a very creative way.

While I found this series to be quite interesting, considering I would almost never gravitate towards something like this, this series might not be for everyone. One audience review for the series mentioned, “[…]I feel bad for the people who created such an amazing world around a god awful cast. There are a couple, as in 2, exceptions. What’s worse [than] the acting is the Directing and Writing[…].”

I completely disagree with this. I personally believe that the acting was pretty good, and it fit the characters extremely well. 

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-6 episodes