“The Last Summer”: A Summer hit?

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By George Quinonez ’21

“The Last Summer” is an amazing teen movie with very creative character development and a phenomenal plot. However, it lacks to build any relationship between the audience, who are meant for teens/young adults, and the characters. 

A group of high school graduates have to deal with love and friendship during their last summer together before each and every single one of them head off to college.  Griffin (K.J. Apa) and Phoebe (Maia Mitchell) deal with the challenges of love while also confronting family problems. Erin (Halston Sage) and Alec (Jacob Latimore) deal with breakup issues. And  Audrey (Sosie Bacon) has complications as to what college she will attend. 

At first, the relationship between Griffin and Phoebe was very complicated. In a way, Phoebe was playing hard to get; however, Griffin did not give up and he still tried his best to get the girl. Griffin grows to be a loving, caring, and honest guy, which in some way can relate to some guys nowadays. The audience is able to see Erin and Alec split up and go there different ways, later finding different love interests. Erin and Alec becomes ignorant and blind as to what the real world is like because of what is going on in their “last summer” which causes them to be very complicated individuals. This could be frustrating to the audience because little by little you start to wonder, “why are they making these decisions”.

The plot is phenomenal because the audience is able to see changes within the characters throughout the movie. In the beginning, summer may seem all sunshine and rainbows for them, but that is not true at all. Each person has to go through an obstacle that must prepare them for the real adult-life that is ahead of them after that “last summer”. Relationships become tense and there is stress about college. This may relate to others which is pretty cool because you are able to understand as well what they are going through in the movie. 

There tends to be a lack of building a relationship between the audience and the characters. Since this movie takes place in Chicago, you would expect that this might relate to how teens might act in Chicago and what the culture is like; however, the movie barely touches the surface with that connection. Sometimes the way the characters text each other in the movie may seem very odd and nothing like how teens would communicate with one another in the real world. Also, some of the experiences that the characters may face may seem far from realistic.   

Some may say that this movie is not a great one because of the acting and the actors that were chosen. However, I beg to differ, I feel like the actors that were chosen did try their best with this movie, and I feel that it was the director that made this an unsatisfactory movie. 

  • Release Date: March 3rd, 2019 
  • Director: William Bindley 
  • Run Time: 1 hour and 49 minutes