The Last Guardian: A nice change of pace

Player's POV from the game Photo Credit: Eric Garfias

By Eric Garfias ’19

      The Last Guardian is a nice change from all the shooter games that have been coming out. Given that Call of Duty: WWII comes out really soon, if it hasn’t already depending on when you are reading this, The Last Guardian is a game that offers a beautiful but simple story, amazing, stunning graphics, but requires patience, for the system is a bit slow and unresponsive at times and some parts in the game can become a bit tedious.

The Last Guardian follows a boy. We don’t know his name, so we’ll call him The Boy. The Boy wakes up in a abandoned ruined cave where he has no recollection of how he got there or why there are several marking on his body. The Boy spots a giant beast named Trico who is severely wounded. Trico isn’t very welcoming of The Boy at first, as the beast proceeds to attack The Boy when he tries to remove the spears from Trico. From there, the game follows The Boy and Trico as they work together to escape from the place they’re in. With Trico’s strength and The Boy’s wit, the two fight enemies and break through obstacles in their way. The Boy’s goal is to return to his village where he remembers being before he woke up in the cave. Trico just follows The Boy around as they have grown a strong bond together.

The Last Guardian is a beautiful game for many reasons. One of those reasons is the graphics. The scenery in the game is amazing as the player navigates through ruins that actually show decay unlike other games where the old bricks and materials appear to be normal. The trees surrounding the area are lifelike as their leaves wave with the wind and moss grows on the walls. One of the scenes in the game is Trico staring into the sunset as there are birds flying overhead, singing. There is so much detail that the creators have put into the game, that one cannot simply ignore it.

One of the downfalls of the game is that there are moments where The Boy has to command Trico to jump from one ledge to another, or walk a certain distance, but Trico is sometimes to slow to respond to the command. Yes, it’s part of the details the developers put into the game given that Trico is a wild beast and all, but there are times where the player has to give the command multiple times.

Overall, The Last Guardian is a game that will go down in history as one of the greatest and best known by players whenever it is mentioned.

  • Developed by Team Ico, Sony Interactive Entertainment, SIE Japan Studio, and genDESIGN
  • Platform: PS4
  • Genre: Action-Adventure