The King of Fighters XIV: a new Entry

A picture of the players fighting.

By Alondra Obispo ’17

Alert! Alert! Calling all gamers! The King of Fighters XIV has been  released. This game is one you should definitely pick up due to its different fighting modes, complexed combat system, and bright visuals.

For those who are unaware of what King of Fighters is, it is sequence of fighting games. For this game, you can choose from over 50 characters. You pick your set of three characters heading into one versus one battles for ten rounds in a tournament. You will run into certain character dialogue and cutscenes in the story mode.

Apart from the story mode, there are four modes to play. It ranges from time attack, Vs, training, and online mode. By playing these modes, you get prizes such as character images from previous games.

The combat system is not simple. It requires a lot of tactics to pull out combos as well as different types of specials depending on your super bars.

Compared to its previous games, this recent game upgrades from a 2D to a 3D design. The characters and the stages are well-detailed. The graphics reminded me of Street Fighter V.

One flaw of the game would have to be that the story mode did not meeting up to its expectations. According to the review from gamespot, the con of the game was, “Shallow story mode.” Despite the problem, this is the game recommended for any gamers out there who are looking for an awesome fighting game.

  • PS4-Exclusive
  • Developer: SNK
  • Price:$59.99
  • Released:August 23,2016