The Kalief Browder Story: A mournful film

The Kalief Browder Story: A mournful film

The Kalief Browder Story is a story about a black male in the Bronx, New York who was sentenced to time in prison but was never convicted of the crime. This particular documentary was interesting due to the fact that it included real-life footage, information about the criminal justice system, and emotional scenes. 

Because the film included real footage, it gave the readers a sense of credibility. Other directors can make a whole documentary based on something that isn’t true and  does not have real-life footage like this documentary has. For example, footage of the poor mistreatment of this poor child at Rikers Island, Police brutality and inmates hurting Kalief Browder was included in the documentary. 

I also really enjoyed this film because it provides information about the justice system, the corruption within the system, and how a young teenage boy will never get his life back due to this unjust system. Before this, I had no idea how corrupt the system was, and I’m glad I watched this film because it opened my eyes to reality. What makes me angry the most is how young he was and how he was sentenced to time in jail when he didn’t even do anything. The officers on his case could have done something in order to prove that this young boy was innocent. 

This documentary was well, but I wouldn’t recommend it to people who are very sensitive because it really does take a toll on you. The story is sad, and you can’t imagine anyone living through that. Some people have different perspectives on the story, but the truth will be revealed one day. I really hope that whoever chooses to watch this film opens their eyes and realizes the type of world we live in. 

  • Netflix Original
  • 1 Season
  • Documentary
  • 2017
  • Directed By Jenner Fusrt