The JACL comes to Pritzker

By Josue Martinez ’22 

The Japanese American Citizens League came to Pritzker on Tuesday to talk about Japanese internment camps and what the Japanese went through around the ’40s. Scott Dick, IB History of the Americas teacher and senior Civics teacher. was the teacher who set up the event. Scott stated, “ This event was about the history of Japanese/American internment, it was about the expenses of Japanese citizens who were wrongfully interned  due to their ethnicity, race during the events of WWII.” Additionally, Scott stated, “ I hope they muchly gained a deeper understanding that for democracies to succeed we have to speak up and protect it. I hope they understand that it is very easy in this day and age for these events to happen again if they were not prepared.”

     Moreover, Carlos Espinoza, a junior, who attended the event stated, “ I liked it overall, it was very interesting and informative.” Furthermore, the event lasted for an hour spanning from 4-00 p.m. to 5-00 p.m. with the speaker whose name was Elaine Kaneshiro.

       For those wondering what the presentation was about, she stated, “ The presentation was about the incarceration of 120,000 people of Japanese ancestry during World War II. 70,000 of them were American born citizens, violating constitutional rights, as not one of them was ever convicted of a crime, espionage or sabotage. My parents and extended family were among them.” Furthermore, on what she hoped students gained from attending the event, she stated,  “ My hope is that students today will learn this history and realize that our civil liberties are fragile. We must be vigilant, standing up against injustice so that this doesn’t happen again to any other group of people.” 

 Overall hopefully students learned from this event. And can fight against injustices occurring in and out of the Pritzker community.