The hype is coming with the “Outsider”

Cover of Outsider Photo Credit: Isadora Cuevas

By Isadora Cuevas’18

It’s the time of the year, when bands and artists from every genre known to music start to release their albums whether it be Bachata, Salsa, or Rock. This year however, the band Three Days Grace is releasing a new album called “Outsider” and this album is worth the wait.

Three Days Grace is a band formed from Ontario, Norwood in 1997. They have released a total of eight albums including the one they are releasing on March 9th. The last album they released was in 2015, and after two years, theri new album is coming out. TDG also uses quotes from famous celebrities like Michael Jordan, and Winston S. Churchill to bring in more fans to be thrilled and pleased with the new album.

Three Days Grace has already released songs from their album and the lyrics and beat just make you want to break the replay button because it is that amazing. The first song they released is called “The Mountain” and people who do not usually listen to this type of music mostly think that this song is about just trials and tasks everyone goes through, which is pretty much the entire basis of the song. The mountain is a motivational song for people who are going through hard times or are having a rough day. When you listen to this song, you feel motivated to continue the hard task and keep going till you have reached the finish line.

The other song they released is called “I am an Outsider” and is about how some people feel different and misplaced. They try hard to fit in but then the person realizes that no matter how hard they try, they will always feel the odd one out, but that is ok. Being the odd one out is alright. The beat and rhythm from these two songs is amazing. Not only does it have breathtaking lyrics, but it also has the motivational music for people to keep going.

This album may not be suited in your interest of Rock because of the screaming, or the amount of edge it has towards it, but Outsider does have its motivational outcomings to their audience and to all age groups. If you’re not sure about this album, give it a try. Who knows, you may be intrigued by the words that may speak to you.

  • To be released on  March 9th
  • Available on Youtube, Spotify, Soundcloud
  • Total of 12 songs
  • Audio CD price $9.99