“The Holiday Calendar”: Magic bringing a change

Abby showing her antique calendar to Josh.

By Laura Ocampo ’20

Netflix original movie “The Holiday Calendar” is about accomplishing your dreams, finding your true love, and trying to maintain your friendship.

The main character Abby Sutton (Kat Graham) is a photographer who is tired of the same routine. One day, she receives an antique calendar from her grandfather. The calendar happens to open a little toy each day which predicts her future.

Abby has a dream to open up her own business where she can take her own types of pictures, instead of just taking pictures for one type of subject. I see Abby as a person who does not really challenge herself and instead stays quiet when something bothers her. She is definitely a person that needed to take more risk, and I feel like she should have asked her family for more help.

Since Abby is usually too busy with her job, she does not have time for her love life. While driving home, she meets Ty (Ethan Peck) when they almost crash. The magical calendar happened to predict how her love life would go. Abby seemed to be really happy as Ty was a way to keep her head out of work. I found the concept of the calendar predicting her dates weird because it usually gave Abby what to expect instead of going for a surprise. Or I feel like the audience should have not known her future that way the audience was surprised until Christmas, which was when the toys will stop predicting her future.

Abby’s best friend Josh (Quincy Brown) who also happens to be a photographer. Unlike Abby, Josh has been traveling the world while taking his own types of pictures. In the film, we see a special bond between Abby and Josh. In parts of the film, I didn’t like how Abby would treat Josh just because she would usually leave off with Ty. We begin to see how the friendship between Abby and Josh begins to be affected because of Abby’s decisions.

A critic mentioned how the movie ignores the chemistry and sensible plot. I feel like this movies main focus was about Abby trying to find her true self instead of her trying to find her lover.

  • Genre: Romance and Drama
  • Running time: 95 minutes
  • Release date: November 2,  2018