The Grammy’s many wrongs and few rights

The Grammy’s many wrongs and few rights

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By Joshua Marchan ’18

For the amount of deserving winners there was to choose from, the Grammys still managed to mess things up.  The award show started off on a soprano C high note thanks to Kendrick Lamar’s electrifying performance, but ended on a baritone due to the Grammys multiple swings and misses. I analyzed five award decisions below that I considered to be the most prestigious.

Best New Artist:

This honor was most deserving to SZA; however, it went to Alessia Cara, who was runner up in my prediction. SZA’s recent album “CTRL”, was modern R&B at its finest. Its opulent vocals and instrumentals blended beautifully and the sound reminisced me of a Frank Ocean “Blonde” sound.  The Grammys played it safe and chose Alessia Cara who had the cleaner and better social message.  Other nominees, such as Lil Uzi vert and Julia Michaels, were not chosen due to a lack of depth in their lyrics( ahem Lil Uzi) and commercial success. Many argued Khalid deserved it due to his summer and dreamy fusion. However, Khalid is so far a one dimensional artist and his basic teen songs get repetitive in a few songs in of his previous album “American Teen.”

Best Rap Album:

Nothing to argue here because “DAMN.” by Kendrick lamar was the clear cut winner. It had a perfect concoction of electrifying raps and mellow songs. Lamar’s raps on racial and personal issues sunk into ones minds unlike “4.44” by Jay-Z and “Flower Boy” by Tyler, the Creator did. I’ll certainly still give credit to Jay-Z and Tyler, the Creator whose albums were both beautifully constructed, but failed to reach a much larger audience. Other albums such as “Culture” and “Rapsody” were in my opinion spot fillers.

Song of the Year:

The winner for me was “4.44” by Jay-Z. It had such powerful  vocal performance and message with Jay-Z admitting his infidelity. However, you don’t always get what you want, so it went to the second best thing (not like that’s saying much) “That’s what I Like” by Bruno Mars.  Other Nominations such as “Despacito,” “1-800-273-8255,” and “Issues” either made my ears bleed, were cringy, and/or lacked enough commercial to be considered.

Record of the Year:

Any other song besides “24k Magic” should have won. I’d even edge out “Despacito” because of it being the first spanish song in over a decade to top the charts. “Humble,” “The Story of OJ,” and “Redbone” were all creative, in depth songs that deserved it over “24k Magic.” The only case you could make for it winning is the fact that it’s catchy. That’s about it.

Album of the Year:

For an artist that deserved none of the awards it won, it sure is aggravating that it swept the three most prestigious. “24k Magic” is a decent album but YOU’VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME. “4:44,” “Awaken my Love,” and “DAMN.” were all filled with great social messages as well as being beautifully produced albums. I’d even give an edge to Lorde’s “Melodrama.” It’s unfortunate that the three most prestigious awards were completely ruined.