The Good Place: Interesting, entertaining, and short

The Good Place: Interesting, entertaining, and short

By Jennifer Segura ’20

“The Good Place” is a Netflix show that is interesting, entertaining, and short. 

“The Good Place” is about a woman named Eleanor Shellstrop who dies and ends up in what appears to be heaven instead of hell. Throughout her life, Shellstrop did not care about her actions. She died but is mistaken for another person. Shellstrop is supposed to be in the bad place, but she ends up in the good place. Three other people, Chidi Anagonye; Jason Mendoza; and Tahani Al-Jamil, are also supposed to be in the bad place. Michael, who works in the bad place and the good place,  actually did the misplacement of all four people because he wants to torment people.

“The Good Place” is interesting because there are flashbacks that recall what the people’s life was like before compared to how they are dead. For example, Shellstrop used to work in a sells department, Mendoza used to be a DJ, Anagonye used to study ethics, and Al-Jamil used to do fundraisers. It is interesting that you can see the way that the characters changed due to them being in the good place. For example, Shellstrop changed to be able to stay in the good place although Michael tried to make her life miserable. Michael is the creator of the good place which in reality is just an experiment of a new way of torturing people.

The show is short. Right now there are only two seasons on Netflix. Season one has 13 episodes and season two has 12 episodes. Season three is not on Netflix yet. The show is short because each episode is about 23 minutes long.

The show is entertaining because of the characters’ actions. More happens in the show but you just have to watch it to figure it out. 

  • Netflix show
  • Two seasons
  • 23 minutes long