The Future Agents

A FBI Explorers member is teaching how to shoot a gun

By Hector Lopez ’19 and Jonathan Rosales ’19

In late September of 2016, the FBI Explorers’ Program took a start. This program includes 12 sessions at the FBI building in Chicago, and they meet every other thursday from September to April. It starts at 4:30 pm and ends at 6:30 pm. Special Agents are able to interact with students from different schools in the state of Illinois. The agents are also able to teach them some of their skills and abilities.

There are many students who participate in this program, and they are divided into 3 squads, each of which is lead by two different agents. These squads compete with each other throughout the sessions on different topics. They all also have to work on a case that needs to be solved together by the final session. The final session includes one exciting activity: The chance to practice firing arms which is a graduation ceremony  at the FBI range. There is also a graduation for the students in the final session.

Out of hundreds of students who applied to be part of this program, four lucky students from Pritzker got in. Seniors, Jailene Acevedo and Antonio Lopez. Juniors, Liliana Ramirez and Barbara Garcia. The process to get in is really long, as they all said.  The process includes an essay, a recommendation letter, and an interview with two FBI agents.

Garcia has spoken greatly about this program, “This program excites me because the fact that we get to interact with actual FBI agents is awesome. Not only that, but this is a field I am interested in studying and I am sure that I will learn a lot from this.” Garcia also explained that the other students who are involved in this program are great people to be around, as they are so enthusiastic just like she is.

Acevedo, who is also in this program, gave her own opinion about it as well, “I think anyone who wants to study a similar career to Criminal Justice, should totally apply for this program. It is a unique opportunity to familiarize yourself with this field. Having the chance to even go to the FBI building is already awesome” Acevedo is truly excited about this program and she highly recommends more students apply for next year.

The FBI explorers show many things that go on in real life situations as what real FBI agents would go through in real life. This club shows you much tactics when investigating like proper takedowns on enemies, negotiating when in a hostage situation, interviews and much more. And, this is all shown by special agents.

All of these things are given as well as your part in this club and they expect you to train, which includes special speaking and more. All of these things have benefitted the students that have joined this club and truly recommend the benefits that they have received.

The final graduation is something all the students in this program are looking forward to as it is a form of recognition. This is given by putting all your effort in this club. Of course, if you join this club it will benefit you if you have anything related to crime for you future career like being a cop for example then this club would help a lot for that. Once you have mastered all the skills you have been taught then you will be able to attend a ceremony for completing the course. Before that, you are given a chance of attending an event for practicing shooting guns  with family members safely.

This club has many benefits for someone’s future and teaches you a lot more than you think. This club is so sick that not many students are picked but only a few so hope you have the chance to join or wait till next year.  This club can help student figure out a scene in real life