The frisbee team prepares for the season

Nutella Cafe on a Friday in the afternoon with a sunny day.

  By Lesley Solis ‘18

Ultimate Frisbee is a sport that is not well known in multiple schools. Not many schools like Pritzker have the opportunity to have a sport like frisbee, it is rare to find a school with a frisbee team. Some may even argue that frisbee is not a sport. Frisbee season is a well known sport here at Pritzker which can help build one’s stamina and strength but most importantly it is a sport to have fun in. At Pritzker, Freshman-Seniors will be beginning their journey as  frisbee players.

Antonio Calderon, Junior, will be preparing for the season in multiple ways as he stated, “So this season I’m preparing myself to be physically and mentally strong, I’m working out on my conditioning because that is something that I felt that I didn’t have enough and I’m hoping to improve on it this season. I’m also hoping to improve on my throws including my flicks because I’ve never been good at those. “

Hernan Bueno, Junior  and team captain, stated, “ Winning states like two years ago is our goal for this year. We will accomplish going to states by practicing really hard how to work with each other. We will also accomplish this by working on our skills and communication. “ Bueno believes strongly in his team and will accomplish his goal for the team to win  the championship this year 2017.

Ultimate frisbee is a very competitive sport. Schools like Pritzker, are going against schools around the Chicago Area is a challenge. Bueno stated how other schools are very competitive and show how badly they would like to win by their skills. Calderon, on the other hand,  believes that the teams rival would be Intrinsic High school, not only them but he also stated teams in that league are really competitive. He also mentioned they are really friendly which makes the atmosphere feel great and gets you hyped.” Calderon,  like Bueno believes that the team has the potential in winning the championship.

Frisbee is not a sport in which one needs to come in knowing the basics or need a certain skill. Ultimate welcomes all players and throughout the season, and practices one will learn how to enjoy it and have fun with it as well as being a competitive sport. As a Frisbee player one should come into the sport with commitment to learn the sport and not only that but also enjoying it as the season goes on. To future Frisbee players come in with a positive attitude. Good luck Frisbee players on their upcoming season. Bring the championship home.