The Freeze: A seasonal treasure

By Paola Diaz ’19

Tastee Freeze, a seasonally open ice cream shop, which is located on Armitage street, has a perfectly wide range of options, simple, yet original decor, and excellent customer service.

Due to the menu being located both on the outside and inside of the small building, anyone can peek and see the large variety of goods that the restaurant offers. Ranging from ice cream, to burgers, hot dogs, and even pizza puffs, The Freeze is not your normal ice cream shop. I have personally not been to any other small ice cream shop that sells good ice cream while selling completely different food options, like warm foods.

Being my first time trying Tastee Freeze, I decided to go online and view the menu beforehand. There is a category on the website that is titled as “Most Popular.” I decided to go with the Oreo Freeze, which cost $3.35, and the chocolate shake, which was $2.70. Both the Oreo Freeze and the chocolate shake were cold items on the menu. The Oreo Freeze was filled to the top of the cup and was covered with Oreo chunks. As soon as trying the cookies, however, I was able to tell that they were not original Oreos, which was a bummer, but, regardless, it was good. The shake was thick, creamy, and full of flavor, which was pretty much amazing. I was able to tell how much effort and attention they put into making their shakes.

The building overall is very small but is usually overflowing with people who are coming in and out. The outside view gave one a 90s vibe with its colorful and simple design. On the inside, there are many pictures hanging, and it is still colorful with very few tables, only along with the windows. Although the shop is small, there is a window available for customers to order from the outside of the building. Along with that, there are also wooden table booths where people could enjoy the nice weather with some ice cream.

Customer service at The Freeze was outstanding. Ordering was very easy, and the cashiers were very friendly. Being some customers who were also there and being a small business, my orders were ready about 15 seconds after ordering. The wait was basically nothing.

Overall, The Freeze was a great experience that one can definitely cannot miss out on this summer!

  • 2815 W Armitage Ave, Chicago, IL 60647
  • Food and drink ranges from $0.90- $7
  • Family restaurant