The Fosters: More than your typical TV show

The first episode of season 5 of The Fosters. Photo Credit: Guadalupe Garcia

  By Guadalupe Garcia ’18

The Fosters released its first episode during the summer of 2013. It has now released its fifth installment in the series and to say it’s come back stronger than ever is an understatement. The incredible acting, unending plot twists, and exposure to real issues, make this show a must watch.

To recap the previous seasons, the show features “Teenager Callie Jacob who is placed in a foster home with a lesbian couple and their blend of biological, adoptive, and foster children.” Callie along with her siblings navigate a wide range of issues from: “hook-ups, break-ups, romances, and important life lessons.”

In this season, Callie enters her senior year of high school and just like any other teenager, Callie is applying to colleges and is considering what path she should take once she enters college. Callie is strongly set on going to a prestigious art university, however, her acceptance into the art program is not guaranteed and Callie questions her talent and if she should pursue an art degree.

Callie’s siblings, Jesus and Mariana are also dealing with their own set of issues. Jesus is learning to live with his TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury). His TBI causes him to have seizures, learning delays and random burst of anger. Jesus had to learn how to walk and talk after he awoke from his medically induced coma, while all he wants to do is live the life of a normal teenage boy. His twin sister  Mariana fights against the privatization of her high school, Anchor Beach Charter. She engages in protests that argue how the privatization of her high school would only benefit the wealthy.

The Fosters is also packed with issues regarding our political climate. The show discusses current issues like DACA, the freedom of speech on college campuses,  human trafficking, and illnesses like alzheimer’s and cancer. As Tvjunkies said, “The Fosters is fearless. This is a show that never backs down or shies away from confronting or dealing with controversial issues head on, and that’s what makes it one of the most important shows on television today.”

Overall, the Fosters is an incredible show. It’s for anyone who enjoys watching diverse and realistic TV shows with well developed characters and real important issues facing our communities.

  • 5 seasons available on Netflix or Hulu.
  • Rated TV-14
  • Avg. episode length: 43 minutes