“The Fosters”: Big Return

The Fosters Episode 11 season 4

By Lisbeth Valentin ’18

“The Fosters, a series from Freeform, has returned to the television for their fourth season  winter premiere. The show is based on the life of a lesbian couple, Lena and Stef, that are raising four foster kids, which they have adopted over time, and one biological kid that comes from Stef’s previous marriage. The television show has multiple story lines that all connect together to form one big story line, forming a family of multiple ethnicities that are growing together as a whole.

The show’s return for its winter premiere was on Jan 31. The episode “Insult to Injury” had multiple emotions going on, but did it really catch the attention from a returning viewer? The answer is no. Before you start the episode, you have multiple questions that run through your mind: does Jesus die after his encounter with Nick? Does Mariana get caught for taking Jesus’s pills? What is going to happen to Callie? Where did Jude and Noah go? What is Brandon going to do about his educational situation?

Even when most of the questions have been answered on the episode, you will expect there to be more emotion and more drama involved when trying to figure out a solution to the problems. The answer to most of the questions does not take long to be answered which takes away the build up to the climax.  There are questions that do not get fully answered and they build up the drama for the next episode. Overall, the episode was pretty amazing. The fact that Emma, Jesus, and Mariana’s friend, told Mariana the effects of her consequences, made Emma seem mature. In addition, it shows how the writer wants the audience to realize that actions taken by the characters have consequences. The show’s story line about Brandon and Courtney gives the episode a bigger meaning and helps understand why some things are done a certain way than other things. In addition, it shows that there are multiple ways to do things that can be done to help a certain situation.

The episode’s lack of drama and focus on the health complications with Jesus, did not allow the episode to reach its full potential as it has been in previous episodes, but it still manages to catch a viewer’s action. It keeps the other story lines to still be part of the drama that will slowly start to build over time.

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