The fanaticism over the Popeyes’s chicken sandwich

photo of overworked popeyes' employee posted on twitter by user @FlowsAndolini.

By Christian Sosa ’20

The chicken sandwich that took America by storm was initially released on Aug. 12 and proceeded to sell out within two weeks even though it was projected that inventory would last until the end of September.

An analyst at KayBanc Capital Markets estimated that each store sold around 1,000 sandwiches a day. Based on these numbers, it’s safe to assume people really enjoyed and became fans of the chicken sandwich, but, of course, this level of fandom is bound to have its fair share of repercussions and fanatics. 

How it all started and spread throughout America

Popeyes and Sweet Dixie Kitchen collaborated together to release the chicken sandwich: first at Sweet Dixie, as a test run, to see how well it’ll do before selling it at the various Popeyes restaurants throughout America. 

With all the positive press, celebrity coverage, youtube videos, and the Twitter-feud Chick-Fil-A and Popeyes had over the new chicken sandwich, helped to arouse curiosity about the quality of the massively hyped sandwich. More and more people wanted to try this sandwich to the point that the lines began from outside the restaurant, and drawing attention in this way can only attract more curiosity from more people, which will cause more people to want to try the chicken sandwich. It’s a bit of a domino effect in that aspect.

Repercussions of the Hype

Of course, no fandom is a fandom without its flaws, and the fandom of the Popeyes’ chicken sandwich is not exempt from that.

Some common issues that have occurred because of this sandwich craze are that some workers had shifts that have lasted several hours longer because of the amount of demand for the sandwich, which of course, would put a lot of strain both mentally and physically. On top of that, there have been some cases where the customers had gotten out of line, such as employee abuse; notably, one employee was called “slow” because of the customer’s impatience. 

Though rare, some of the truly fanatics have even held employees at gunpoint in an attempt to get more chicken sandwiches. Imagine going to jail for holding a restaurant at gunpoint just because you wanted more chicken sandwiches? Humans can truly be the epitome of greed and idiocy. 

In Conclusion 

While I agree that the chicken sandwich from Popeyes is fantastically delicious and satisfying, at the end of the day, it’s just a chicken sandwich and there’s no reason to get so fanatical over it, and it certainly does not justify abusing people doing their job, robbing a fast-food restaurant to satiate your need for processed fat and cholesterol, or trying to resell it on eBay for 7000 USD. 

Also, I’d say this is a prime example of bandwagon because of all the social media buzz it has received. I say this because when I was younger, the same sandwich came out, yet I’d say it didn’t cause a stir even close as to how it did this year. 

Long story short, calm down, it’s just a sandwich: there is zero need to get aggressive about it. While it’s gone for now, it will be back as stated by Popeyes’ twitter account. It’s as they say: patience is a virtue.