The effects of Snowball

A group picture of snowballers.

By Jonathan Rosales ’19

Snowball has been described as a fun, once in a lifetime opportunity, but what is snowball? Snowball is a three-day event where students do a variety of activities. These three days are meant for students to remove themselves from the “real world” and to focus on themselves and relax. When students come back from snowball, it has been heard that they say things like “I want to go back”, “I did not miss my phone during the three day period” and much more.

Joshua Kelly, a snowballer and junior, shared his thoughts on snowball, “I believe snowball has changed me into a more open person.”

Gustavo Rodriguez, snowballer and a senior. He said that “Snowball is a great opportunity to meet new people and get out of your comfort zone. He added on, “I have never been much of a shy person, but snowball has helped me, even more.” Rodriguez mentioned how Snowball has helped him grow his confidence and meet new people.

Kelly mentioned that he has attended “three years of snowball. Each year, it has changed me in a new, different way. In a better way, nonetheless.” Since snowball is once every school year, Kelly has taken the opportunity to go to it every year since his freshman year of high school.

Rodriguez has gone to snowball for 2 years now. He stated, “Since the first time I went to snowball, I loved the experience. At first, I was skeptical of the whole taking away our phones, but I am glad they did. I realized how much time electronics take away from us. Three days without electronics can make you appreciate life a lot more.” Rodriguez mentioned how he likes the idea of taking their phone away right from the start. He said without phones, one can notice how much time electronics take away from us.

Snowball has been known to changed students in a positive way but is the change permanent? Kelly said, “Yes, I believe the changes are permanent. The changes are permanent because the people in your small group become family, and, as any family should be, they have your back 24/7. An experience at snowball will make you think back to it. A person with morals is someone who will go far in life.”

Gustavo also agrees with the permanent changes snowball gives. He mentioned since his first year in snowball “the changes he had over those three days never went away.” He is more confident than ever and a new set of skills he has acquired from the recent snowball event.

From what the two snowballers have mentioned, Snowball is a way to get out of your comfort zone, meet new people, make new friends, and be more open. It is a safe place to be you. If you feel like getting out of your comfort zone, meet new people and grow your confidence, join snowball. Only once a year. It will be your last if you are an upcoming senior.