The difference between celebrating Valentine’s Day: Single vs taken

Celeste San Juan and Yolanda Romero at wing stop PC Samantha Ortiz

By Samantha Ortiz ’20

Valentine’s Day for many is a day to show appreciation for loved ones whether it may be a significant other, friend, or family member. But is there really a difference between who one can celebrate with?

In this day and age, many people either celebrate with their friends or a significant other. Most do not really care for celebrating it with others or alone, but others get extremely negative during Valentine’s Day.

It’s usually the time of year when bitter singles go and complain about not being able to receive gifts from a significant other. But for those in relationships, it’s a time to sneakily hint at what they want as gifts.

Whereas stores sneakily jack up the prices on most items to profit off you getting a gift for your significant other. Flowers go from 10 dollars a dozen to 20 dollars a dozen, at most stores.

Jennifer Aguilar, a junior in a relationship, explained, “This year’s Valentine’s Day was my first Valentine’s Day spending it with someone. I have never spent it with friends because they either had plans or did not feel like going out.”

There is usually a sense of not wanting to go out on the day since there is usually an abundance of couples in all locations making those who are single uncomfortable or making singles feel bad for not being in a relationship.

There are multiple different interpretations of what the holiday actually symbolizes and why many people may not celebrate if they don’t have a significant other to celebrate it with.

Aguilar claimed “I think the purpose of Valentine’s Day is to show love through materialistic things because all of a sudden flowers cost so much, all of a sudden you find out who has a crush on you, and all of a sudden you wish you were in a relationship. It’s as if the purpose of Valentine’s Day is a day that everyone feels like it is okay to show their feelings when it should be an everyday thing, especially for those in a relationship.”

There are many surprises that take place on that day like Aguilar mentioned: maybe realizing someone may have a crush on you. This usually happens when schools like Pritzker sell and send flowers within the school. Many who did not expect to receive any get flowers.

It does not matter if you celebrate Valentine’s Day with your significant other or your friends. The true meaning of the holiday to some may be to show and spread love to those you most care about. Though it may be awkward to go out with your friends to a restaurant where there may be many couples, it should not discourage you from going on and spending time with friends.