“The Babysitter”: An inconsistent story

The Babysitter Photo Credit: Edwin Torres

By Edwin Torres ’18

The Babysitter is a Netflix Original movie about a young boy named Cole who stays up past his bedtime only to find out that his babysitter named Bee is in a cult practicing human sacrifices alongside her friends. Cole’s discovery has him on a mission of survival as the cult is relentless and will stop at nothing to prevent Cole from letting their secret out.

The thing that stood out the most about the movie was the unique premise. The movie doesn’t take itself serious and due to that, it isn’t afraid to have over the top  scenes. If you’re expecting a straightforward horror movie then “The Babysitter” isn’t for you. “The Babysitter” is more of a badly executed comedy than a horror film.

A few things that I dreaded about the movie was the fact that despite its short running time of  1 hour and 25 minutes, the movie went at a very slow pace. The characters in the movie didn’t stay consistent at all. Sometimes the antagonists went from bad to good causing confusion. I didn’t know if the antagonists were actually bad people. The movie also does a bad job at establishing the relationship between Cole and Bee. I was confused as to if Bee actually hated Cole or not. The way her character felt about Cole was very inconsistent.

The worst thing about “The Babysitter” was the trailer for the movie. If you plan to watch it (despite the fact that I’m writing about why you shouldn’t), avoid the trailer at all costs. The trailer spoils the entire movie. It shows how all the characters die. I was disappointed while watching the movie because I already knew the ultimate demise of the antagonists because of the trailer. Other than Bee and Cole, the movie was full of stereotypical characters that don’t stand out.

The only way to find this movie enjoyable is to not take it seriously. That being said, “The Babysitter” is not a movie that I’d recommend because it is more comedy than horror. It is predictable, has stereotypical characters, and the way it’s executed with over the top and dramatic sequences make it difficult to enjoy and take the movie serious.

  • 1h 25 min
  • Netflix original movie
  • Comedy and Horror
  • Rated TV-MA