The adventurous scientist

Ms. Kelly poses for a picture. Photo credit: Briana Jimenez

By Briana Jimenez  ’18 and Mylani Rivera ’18

Mackenzie Kelly teaches 11th and 12th grade biology and physics here at Pritzker. She is not originally from Chicago, rather her former home is Charlotte, North Carolina. It is her third year as a teacher, teaching both high school and elementary school in that time span.

She recently just came to Pritzker College Prep after switching from another Charter School.

Before Pritzker, she taught at the original Noble School. Already being very familiar with the rules and expectations associated with Noble/ Charter schools, coming to Pritzker was not as big of a  adjustment. She expressed that she loves Pritzker’s discipline and culture. It is a great way to get the most out of an education and to ensure that kids are learning. Most teachers would agree with her with the fact that Pritzker’s discipline allows it to be a environment where education and learning is not only enforced but highly encouraged.

Ms. Kelly expressed that she loves that students at Pritzker have the urge to learn. They are excited and cannot wait to fill their brains with loads of information. It is like watering a plant and watching it bloom. She also stated that her favorite part of teaching is helping the students get better.

She stated that her goals for her students was for them to grow more on their ACT assessments, get better, and to personally grow better people individually on their own.

Her goals for herself include to become a better teacher and individual outside and inside the classroom, and to continue to support and encourage her students. Which most of her students are already witnessing.

The title, “The adventurous scientist” is due to the fact that she loves the outdoors! She enjoys her free time just being outside. She also loves swimming, scuba diving, and going to new restaurants. Activities that require a lot of interaction with nature. She stated that she would simply describe herself as…

A big science nerd.