“The Addams Family”: An almost failed attempt

The logo of The Addams Family in the first trailer for the movie.

By George Quinonez ’21

“The Addams Family” was the movie to look forward to for this upcoming spooky season (Halloween season); however, the movie failed, not entirely though, to live up to the hype and revamp its live-action counterpart. With a complicated plot, less than stellar design, but interesting character development, “The Addams Family” struggles to really grab viewers’  attention, yet still manages to give a fun experience. 

Brief Synopsis

In search of a new home, Gomez Addams (Oscar Isaac) and Morticia Addams (Charlize Theron) were previously kicked out of their original home by a mob of people who viewed the Addams family as freaks. Their new home is an abandoned  Asylum which they built into a home with their two kids, kids who are Wednesday Addams (Chloë Grace Moretz) and Pugsley Addams (Finn Wolfhard). Years later, after the Addams family was living peacefully in their new home, a new threat arrives to town. The town is part of a home makeover show, and the host is Margaux Needler (Allison Janney). Ms. Needler wants to remove the hideous house that the Addams Family live in, but the Addams won’t allow it. From there on out problems start to unravel for the Addams Family. 

Downhill Plot

With a family struggling to fit in and living in isolation, the Addams bring along their entire family for a special occasion that leads them to be more open to society. At the beginning of the movie, the plot seemed to be heading in the right direction, but as it continued the plot started to feel cramped. It seemed as if the movie could have been a pilot episode for a TV show. There were always different layers added to the plot, and it seemed that those layers never really came to the full circle at the end of the movie. However, understanding that it was a family comedy, the plot of the movie was a fun experience because the movie had its hilarious moments that made the experience very memorable. 

Character Development

Throughout the entirety of the movie, Wednesday and Pugsley step out of the norms that their parents have set for them. Wednesday grows into this girl who wants to make decisions for herself without the help of her mother; meanwhile, Pugsley struggles to become this perfect boy his father wants him to be.  Later on, Wednesday meets a friend named Parker Needler (Elsie Fisher), who of course is the daughter of Mrs.Needler. Parker and Wednesday tend to break rules a lot without worrying about what their parents have to say. This can portray how many young kids start to feel as they grow up, and this is good for the movie since these three characters can grab many young viewers’ attention while being funny at the same time.


The movie is filled with a lot of colors right at the start but mainly focuses on black and white because of how spooky the Addams Family are. Even though all of the designs of the characters and setting make seem bright and luminescent, it all seems rushed and not given enough time for any re-works or fixes. The townspeople all look similar leading to no distinguishable difference between any of them. This makes it seem as if they are not really important. At the end of the movie, the audience finally sees the entire Addams Family, from uncles to aunts to cousins, but most of them all look familiar with only some characters standing out. This can lead to less attention-grabbing details. 


“The Addams Family” lacked a sense of amazement because it had to follow the greatness of the live-action movie, which was made in 1991. The movie does not inspire repeated viewing and lacks a center of attention. On the other hand, the movie was still a fun experience and had some amazing jokes that will make you laugh drastically. Even though it may not live up to the original movie, it has its own unique style, which makes it stand out when compared to the live-action. 

  • Run Time: 1 hr 26 minutes 
  • Directors: Conrad Vernon and Greg Tiernan 
  • Genre: Animation, Family Comedy