Tell Me You Love Me: It’s a little more than what you anticipated

Tell Me You Love Me: It’s a little more than what you anticipated

By Adamaris Reyes ’19

The cool for the summer singer is making a major comeback with her new album, “Tell Me You Love Me,” and it’s anything but a typical album. It’s overall message, the deep meaning behind every song, and the variety of different tones and beats  is a breath of fresh air.

“What’s so special about this new album anyway?”

Okay, so we all remember that summer when Demi’s “Cool For the Summer” song kept playing non stop on the radio. You probably thought that the “Confident” album had to be the best one yet that Demi Lovato released. It was a powerful album that with a clear message, everyone should love who they are regardless of what others say.  In a Billboard article Demi stated the following, “[I wanted] to share that with the world and [show] everyone how you can go from being very insecure with body image issues to feeling so proud of your body that you want to show it to the world.” Could Demi Lovato possibly get any more personal? Absolutely!

The album “Tell Me You Love Me,” includes a different taste in tone and beat that takes Demi’s album to another level. No matter if she’s singing with a soft voice or rapping with lil Wayne, the overall theme of her album harmonizes together. In a recent interview conducted by the TIME Magazine Demi expressed her overall purpose of the new album as well as how she has been able to cope with many issues in her life and share her story through her music. “I wanted this album to be more soulful, because I feel like it’s more authentic to who I am as an artist .”

“Wait….I’m not really a Demi Lovato fan.”

That’s okay! But here’s the thing, before you completely give up on her album, take the time to preview her songs. You may surprise yourself and fall in love with at least one of her songs. By the time you know it you’ll be humming her songs and potentially feel connected to them… or maybe not. But regardless, Demi clearly put a lot of thought into her songs and it  inevitably pulls you in. For example, in “Daddy Issues” Demi comments in an interview by ET how it’s more than a song talking about a romantic relationship, “When you grow up with an absent father, you have relationship issues, [the song] is  meant to spotlight on how […] it’s more comfortable to feel pain when that’s all you’ve known .

Still not convinced?

If the example above  didn’t pull at your heartstrings and motivated you to listen to her album, then maybe this will. Unlike artist who seem to stick to the same music style and beat, Demi Lovato learned, over the course of time, to express herself and find different rhythms that stay true to her and her emotions, this is true even when she is rapping.  Not digging her rap voice? That’s okay, because she includes upbeat pop rhythms that let out the inner sass within us, especially in her “Sorry not Sorry” song. And of course, she includes a soft side to her album while keeping that playful beat consistent. Overall, the “Tell Me You Love Me” album is unique and interesting. Trying to decode lyric by lyric what each of the songs mean is what makes the whole album interesting.  Of course many will say that it never really caught their attention others however will love it, but really it’s about what you think.