Teens Judged from Makeup use

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By: Madelein Perez ‘17 & Jessica Rivera ’17

Teenagers  should not be judged for the amount of makeup -or lack thereof- they wear. The population of the use of makeup has increased over the past years for teenagers starting from the age 13. Over 365 girls were surveyed for the application of the use of makeup. Millions of teenage females are threatened over social medias through their “selfies” about the amount of makeup on their face. Make up should not have an affect on how society looks at teens, girls should not worry about how someone looks.

In today’s society, most teens are surrounded by social media; such as Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, etc. Many teenagers have a different mindset about makeup and it’s their face, their body, and their money and they decide what to do with the makeup and their face. According to Elite Daily, ”Pick up a mascara wand, or don’t pick up a mascara wand; I have no judgment either way.”  Teens are judged because people say they are hiding themselves from how they feel, but that is not always true. Teens just like the use of Makeup because it creates an amazing feeling of creativity of what you are capable of doing.

Society thinks having makeup on somebody’s face is “unattractive, attention-seeking, insecurities.” Wearing Makeup starting from a young age can not always be a positive though, but some people just do it for the sake of entertainment. According to  The New York Times, “I figured, better that she’s informed and has the right tools then she goes into it blindly with her friends in the bathroom and comes out looking like a clown.” Teens just like to learn new things and it becomes a hobby and if others don’t support you it should not matter because wearing makeup or not defines who you are as a person.

Society loves to judge teenagers despite the use of makeup on their skin without knowing  what some teens may be going through. According to Elitedaily, “The Internet likes to celebrate those ladies who choose to rock the bare skin look, as though they deserve a medal just for abstaining from foundation.” Teens should be rewarded for wearing makeup as well, because they get a chance to express how they are gifted and inspired. People are so judgemental towards teens for their decisions that the media has impacted many lives of teenagers today, and despite the media loving teenage ladies loving creativity on their skin and faces; they judge the females that don’t wear makeup. There’s boys telling girls that they would look soo much better with makeup instead.Some people say girls only wear makeup because of their “Insecurities” because they feel like they should be socially accepted,but that’s wrong to say about all girls because not every teen feels that way. Wearing makeup is fun and makes you different and unique. If everyone were to be the same how would you stand out? Being the same is just plain boring.  People do not understand how badly it can hurt a teen to be judged just because they want to wear it,but that will not make a change to what a teen may think.