Technology is About to Ruin the World. Or is it?

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By: Erik Pacheco ’20

A lot of jobs in this world today are powered by that of humans. However, the future is arriving and Artificial Intelligence and Automation is taking over the world.  Is it really though?

People have been trying to answer this type of question for quite some time and never seem to come to a solid conclusion.

Both Artificial Intelligence and Automation can change the way we’re living now, but there is no sign of this type of smart technology to try and take over the Earth and cause destruction amongst humans.

Artificial Intelligence

By the amazing world of Google, Artificial Intelligence is defined as, “Artificial intelligence, sometimes called machine intelligence, is intelligence demonstrated by machines, in contrast to the natural intelligence displayed by humans and other animals.”

Artificial Intelligence has been used by  big companies like Facebook. They have created their own version of AIs and it failed completely. Facebook’s versions of AIs ended up creating their own language.  This in reality could really scare the living crap out of people who believe AIs are taking over the world.

Upon reading about this, I  started questioning my ideas on AIs. I came to a conclusion. They aren’t taking  over the world because even though Facebook’s AI’s started creating their own type of language, the creators could easily disarm and deactivate them.  

Artificial Intelligence could be easily deactivated by humans, and this could create new jobs for humans: monitoring these machines from doing things like creating their own language or “trying to revolt against their creators.”


Also by the use of Google, Automation defines as, “Automation is the technology by which a process or procedure is performed with minimum human assistance”

Automation can be used by many different companies in order to prevent human error. Humans themselves are deemed to make errors and the use of automation can forever help prevent these errors and soon would take the jobs of us humans.

However, humans can maintain  their jobs and also gain a lot of different jobs. The type of jobs that people would gain is trying to  maintain these machines in tact and make sure that these machines don’t make any errors that could cause serious troubles, especially in jobs that could cause dangers towards humans.

Automation would be a huge step into the future and so would AI. Because of the increase in technology, human errors would be a thing in the past.

Final Words

Artificial Intelligence and Automation are both amazing things to have ever been created by that of man. I agree that these types of technologies are very smart and could be easier to handle than employees; however, these people don’t really have to be fired or quit their jobs because of these machines. They, the people, however, should embrace this amazing technology.