Taqueria Nuevo Jalisco: One of the best restaurants near Pritzker

This is the gordita that I ordered. Photo credit: Ashley Medina.

By Ashley Medina ’20

Taqueria Nuevo Jalisco is an incredible restaurant with amazing employees, interesting decor, food that is to die for.

As soon as you walk in, you are greeted by both the employees and the great smell of food. The employees are so kind and welcoming that it feels as if you have entered a family gathering. The decor will mentally transport you to a restaurant on the beach.

Taqueria Nuevo Jalisco has very fast employees. If there is a table of your liking that isn’t clean yet, your waitress makes sure to clean it as soon as possible. Once everyone in your group is seated, your waiter is quick to place a basket of freshly made chips and salsa in the center of your table. This marks the start of a great meal! After your whole party has placed their order, your waiter, with a smile, brings you your drink.

As you patiently wait for your meal, you can observe the interesting decor that Taqueria Nuevo Jalisco has. The decor is very simple but eye-catching. Instead of having simple tables, Taqueria Nuevo Jalisco has some glossy tables with designs on them. The table that my family and I chose had a flower drawing that took up the whole table. Apart from having interesting tables, some signs that showed the different food available had small drawings of certain foods. I thought that this was a very clever idea because the simple view made you want to order such foods. The restaurant had a wooden stand that was placed at the back of the restaurant. I loved it because it gave the restaurant a beach type of setting.

After about 10 minutes, our food arrived. As soon as my food was placed on the table, my mouth began to water just by looking at it. For my main dish, I got a gordita. A gordita has two homemade tortillas, meat, lettuce, beans, cheese, and tomatoes. My gordita was delicious! The meat was well cooked and crunchy. The cheese along with the beans complemented each other extremely well. I loved how my food’s temperature was just right. I also got an Horchata to drink. My horchata was sweet and cold just how I love it.

An unsatisfied customer at Taqueria Nuevo Jalisco wrote “the workers are so loud, they are having a talk about each other’s intimate life and saying bad words… DON’T COME HERE.” I would have to disagree. With this customer. The workers are very attentive and they don’t discuss their personal life. I definitely recommend that you give Taqueria Nuevo Jalisco a try.

  • Address: 4003 W. Armitage Ave.
  • Hours: Sunday -Friday 8 a.m.-10 p.m.
  • Phone Number: 773-486-0396