Taqueria Nuevo Jalisco: Best Mexican food in Hermosa

Taqueria Nuevo Jalisco: Best Mexican food in Hermosa

By Marina Frayre’22

Taqueria Nuevo Jalisco is a family-owned restaurant with rapid service, family-friendly environment, and traditional Mexican food. 

The restaurant is a welcoming place, it serves Mexican food ranging from appetizers like Guacamole, to Mexican nachos, and also tacos de carne asada which is a common Mexican meal. These meals have a reasonable price, costing about $25 for two people.

As you walk in, you are seated right away and you are served chips with salsa. The server hands you the menu with a smile. Soon, the server returns,  asking for what you will drink. The server offers traditional drinks such as agua de Jamaica and Horchata.  

When coming back with drinks they ask if you are ready to order, and if not they are willing to offer food that is regularly ordered by previous clients. 

About 5-10 minutes later, the food is served. I was impressed by the fast service even with a full restaurant. The food was brought out of the kitchen at a quick pace with regular check-ins at the table asking whether there was anything she could help in.

The servers were energetic which contributed to their quick service. They were walking fast at all times with a huge smile.

The restaurant is quite small, having only 10 tables and very few servers and cooks but they still work quickly. 

This restaurant is a place someone might like to visit with friends and family for various reasons. This restaurant might not be the best place for a romantic date due to the energetic music playing. Banda, corridos, Norteñas, and much more is played.  The atmosphere felt as if I was at a party, and it brought a  joyful vibe. This music is the type of music that you would expect to hear at a Mexican party.

Although there is a party vibe, you are still able to have conversations and hear the people around you. The servers were friendly, giving you a homey feel. 

When I decided what to order I got Chilaquiles Verdes with Arroz and Cecina. When the food arrived, the aromatic spicy smell of chile instantly hit my nose. The chile was a dark green color with steam coming off the plate. The chile was not too spicy. The Arroz was not overcooked, it was cooked perfectly and had a golden-orange color. The Cecina was crispy and brown color. It was soft and perfectly cooked. The food was given at a perfect temperature not too cold nor too hot.

Some people have commented that the service takes really long, up to 45 minutes, but that was not the case for me, in my case, the service was quick.