Tap Tap Music-Pop Songs: Unknown songs discovered

Tap Tap Music-Pop Songs: Unknown songs discovered

By Dulce Zagal ’20

Did you ever want to get an idea of how a piano is played? What about discovering old songs that you did not know about? If the answer is yes, go take a look at Tap Tap Music-Pop Songs. Tap Tap Music-Pop Songs is an app game that gives you an idea on how a piano functions, it has really challenging levels, and unknown songs that already existed.

Tap Tap Music-Pop Songs gives you an idea on how to play the piano. People would like to get an idea of how a piano works or might feel like. The game app has specific music that you can play the keys on. The keys are played depending on the beat of the music. When the keys appear, that means that you have to start playing. Additionally, tapping the keys gives you another idea of how your fingers are going to be used to press many keynotes. From my experience, I now have an idea of how a piano might work.

Challenging levels is what most game users like instead of the easier levels. When you start off playing the first level, the song that is given to you is easy. As you move on from songs, that levels get harder. For example, the first song I played was “Guide Baba” by Cool Base Up and the keys for it were easy to pass. Furthermore, at level 14, “Call Out My Name” by The Weeknd, the keys are harder to get because they go at a faster rate. If you like to get challenged, this is the perfect game for you. However, in order to pass a level, you have to get three or more stars out of five. Passing levels are determined by getting stars but at certain points.

People like to get song recommendations but do not know songs that might be joyful to listen to. When someone is asked for song recommendations, people always get told songs that they already knew. For example, on one of the levels, I had to play keys for “Psycho” by Russ and from there, I started to listen to the song more often.

Some people argue that the game is slow: “It freezes so much after a game and I lose all my point or [it] sometimes says I’ve missed a tap when I haven’t because I can’t keep up.” I disagree because when the game stops, the same points you had are kept until the end of the game or even when the phone freezes.

  • Rating: 4.8 of 5
  • Price: Free
  • Age rating: 4+
  • Seller: Eyugame Network Technology Co., Ltd