Tank Noodle: The ideal restaurant for winter time

The chicken pho that I ordered. PhotoCredit: Ashley Medina

By Ashley Medina ’20

Tank noodle is a restaurant with slow service, boring decor, and amazing food.

After walking up to give the number of people in my party to the host, we had to wait for quite some time. As we waited, there was nothing special to look at because there wasn’t much decor. What I did like about waiting was the delicious smell of chicken soup that filled the air.

After we were seated, the waiter took forever to take our orders. Although she did seem a bit distracted at the beginning, she was very nice and patient. She gave us time to think about what we wanted. She was also very kind when we asked her what dish was best. She took her time explaining what each dish had. While we waited for our food, we noticed that the waiter did not come and check up on us to see if we wanted anything else as we waited.

After the waiter left, I began to observe the decor at Tank Noodle. I was not impressed with the decor of the restaurant as a whole. There are just posters of shakes and a fish tank. I also did not like how the tables were communal tables and at times we had to share them with strangers. The decor also did not help distract me from how tight the restaurant was. I really wish that Tank Noodle would get more creative with their decor. Tank Noodle should include more interior decor.

After observing the little decor, I got my food. I ordered a small chicken pho and an iced coffee. I loved my pho because it smelled so good. The noodles were cooked just right and so was the chicken. The taste of the chicken broth mixed with lime and sriracha sauce was the best. The noodles were able to melt in my mouth. I also really liked my coffee. It had the perfect amount of ice, but it was very strong. I was amazed by the chocolaty taste that my coffee had. The mix of strong coffee and chocolate was extraordinary.

An unsatisfied customer stated, “Bad service. They Take Your Order And Then ignore You. It Took 20 Minutes To Get My Order. I Won’t Be Going Back.” Although I do agree that the service is not the best, I will be going back to Tank Noodle because the food is amazing. The food makes up for the poor service.

  • Address: 4953-55 N. Broadway
  • Hours: Monday to Tuesday 8 a.m.-10 p.m., Wednesday closed, Thursday to Saturday 8 a.m.-10 p.m., Sunday 8:30 a.m.- 9 p.m.
  • Phone Number: 773- 878-2253