Taking AP Spanish and its benefits for the future

Photo Credit: Zitlalith Cortes Contract for AP Spanish to agree to the terms and conditions

By Zitlalith Cortes ’20

Many selected sophomores took the entrance AP Spanish test that determines whether or not students qualify to get into that class at Pritzker on Monday, Jan. 29.

This is the first year sophomores have the opportunity to take this program. As sophomore Marisol Barrera expressed, “I am excited to take this class because it will look good on my transcript, and it also helps me learn more about my language.” Barrera explained that taking this class will benefit her in the future since in college she might not end up having to take an extra class.

In AP Spanish, students not only get to learn how to write and speak Spanish, but also learn its origin and how it is spoken in different cultures.

Paula Andrade, a sophomore, said, “I wanted to take AP Spanish because this was a good chance to learn a lot more about the language that I speak fluently and actually learn into depth on why certain words are said to be as they are. I can also learn a vast amount about the differences of many words. I do not know a few words in Spanish, so taking this class can be very helpful because I get more knowledge  about it.”

Students are really thrilled on taking this class because of all the benefits it comes with. Barrera stated, “If the test was easy for me, I can imagine how the classes are going to be because I been speaking Spanish since I was little and never had trouble with it.” Similarly, Andrade explained, “This would help me to understand the language because I have always grown up speaking Spanish since I was a kid, and it is all natural to me, so I just speak as the words go. Now, by taking this class, I will be able to understand the words and how this language originated. I will now know more background and come to understand more about the way that the language is set up.”

Andrade has also seen the benefits she would have in school as stated: “This can help my future because going into college, a language class needs to be taken, and if I get credits for this, then that saves money for college. Learning more [about] a language and perfecting on it shows being sophisticated because it gives more outer opportunities to enter a job that needs someone to be prepared to talk to others in the language provided.”

Barrera sees this as a great opportunity for her to take the AP Spanish course which will lead to great outcomes for her future ahead. Likewise, Andrade has in mind all the benefits that taking this AP course will have.

The class course is on the computer. Later on, exams are going to be done that adds up everything that the students have learned and if they pass, they are getting a certificate saying that in college they are excused from taking a language class since they already took it in high school.