Taking a risk: Is it worth it?

Take a risk

By Nayeli Hernandez ’20

Risk. “A situation involving exposure to danger.” This is Google’s definition of a risk. A risk can be interpreted in many different ways by different people. So what do Pritzker students think? What do they think taking a risk is? Is it worth it to take a risk?

When asked what students think of the phrase “take a risk,” Yahaira Garcia, a freshman, said, “The first thing that comes to my mind is going against something you usually do or, in most cases, something that you always wanted to try.”

Other different answers were given other than Garcia’s. Sophomore Elizabeth Godoy said that when she hears the phrase, she thinks about the many challenging things that might end up occurring. On the other hand, Isabel Estefania, a senior, stated that when she hears the phrase to take a risk, she immediately thinks about another phrase: “don’t think twice, just do it.”

But where do these students hear the phrase from? Garcia said how she usually hears this phrase from her family, specifically her aunt. On the contrary, both Godoy and Estefania have heard the phrase from their teachers. Godoy has heard the phrase from her geometry teacher, while Estefania has heard the phrase from her literature teacher.

Godoy thinks her geometry teacher used this phrase “because he wants his students to learn either a good way of understanding or to learn from their own mistakes.” While Estefania thinks her literature teacher said this phrase to help the students get out of their comfort zone in their writing and to be more creative and unique.

What are students willing to take a risk for? Garcia said she “took a risk and volunteered [herself] to read an essay [she] wrote,” and that “[she] was willing to take that risk because [she] wanted to get over [her] fear of public speaking.”

Looking at the phrase from a different perspective, Godoy said, “I will be willing to take a risk if it’s for my mother because I love her and would do anything for her to be happy […] because I know the risk will be worth it.”

From Estefania’s point of view, “I would be willing to take a risk to stand up for equality. There are so many injustices happening in the world that it makes me sad and angry. We are the new generation so we should stand up for what is right, and I would do so. This year, I participated in my first protest, and that was out of my comfort zone.”

But what about when students have taken the risk? Is it worth It?

Garcia, Godoy, and Estefania all said that taking a risk is worth it.  Garcia had a great explanation and said that she believes that taking a risk is worth it “because, at the end of the day, you will learn something from the risk you have taken.”