Rules of Survival: A real battle royal

April 24, 2018

By Angel Zagal ’18 Fortnite: everyone’s go-to game has competition now. Fortnite is a PC and console game that is being played by over 3.4 million people. A different version has come to the mobile […]


Robo calls and its irritation

March 14, 2018

By Angel Zagal ’18 When you find your phone ringing and you answer only to find it’s a pre recorded message and not a real person, that’s a robocall. Robo calls have been on the […]


NPR News app: On demand news

March 9, 2018

By Angel Zagal ’18 If you are in passionate for on demand news or are interested in listening instead of watching the news you are in for a treat. NPR has an app with all […]


Australia dominates the Eagles in rugby

October 11, 2015

By Alexander Correa ’18 and Angel Zagal ’18 Pritzker students were taken to see the USA Eagles v.s Australian Wallabies rugby exhibition on Sept.  5 at 6 p.m. at Soldier Field stadium. The Wallabies dominated […]