Summer of a Lifetime

Nadia Segura at Harvard University Photo credit: Nadia Segura

By Chloee Toro ’18

In the summer of 2016, 38 sophomores received the chance to spend their summer at different colleges for different programs colleges offered.

Laura Edwards, the Collegiate Seminar teacher at Pritzker, was in charge of sending the students to different colleges. Nadia Segura, a junior at Pritzker, got the opportunity to attend the Harvard University’s Pre-College Program. Segura took a two-week long course. She arrived at the school on June 26 and headed back home July 8.  Amor DeLaRosa, a junior at Pritzker, attended The University of California in Los Angeles. DeLaRosa attended for “approximately two weeks” starting July 17 through the 29.

Segura loved, “meeting new people who were so different from [her] yet so alike. [She] loved being able to study with [her] friends, making homework less of a hassle, and being able to go out with them anywhere around Boston.”  Segura stated that she loved having freedom and being able to make her own decisions “whether they were wrong or right.” Similar to Segura, DeLaRosa expressed how she “liked meeting new people from all over the world, exploring awesome places in California, such as Universal Studios and the Walk of Fame, and being totally independent.”

Although there are many valued interest,  Segura stated she did not like how “hands-off [her] class was” Segura took a class centered around public health while she was there. Classes were “mostly lecture-based […] there were [also] less minorities.” Segura mentioned that the imbalance between race was “very visible.” DeLaRosa, on the other hand, mentioned that she did not like staying for only two weeks.

Now, do not just think that these trip are all just work. Segura was able to meet plenty of new people, some  with who she became close with and did everything with. She now even has a Harvard group chat with them so she can still keep in touch.  DeLa Rosa voiced that she “met so many people!” It  made her trip exciting because she got “to meet people that lived and thought differently than [she does].”

Students who attended this trip love and learned many things. Segura added about what she learned from this experience, “time management is key to succeed. It’s really easy to get distracted […] while it seems like a better idea to go out with friends and study all night, it’s not a good idea because you don’t learn as well.” DeLaRosa stated that she learned, “College [is not] as bad and scary as people think it might be. You still make some time to do things that you love and grow as a person.”