Summer Blues are coming with “My Dear Melancholy”

Cover of My Dear Melancholy Photo Credit: Isadora Cuevas

By Isadora Cuevas’18

It is that time of the year where singers and celebrities start to release diss tracks dedicated to their old partner and past relationships that did not went the right direction. The entire package comes with “My Dear Melancholy” by The Weeknd. Everyone in Hollywood went insane when this new album was released because there was also rumors that this entire album was dedicated to his old ex, Selena Gomez.

Once you hear this album, you immediately find yourself in an abyss of old memories and remembering old relationships you might have had in the past. You will eventually feel a certain way when the first song “Call out my name” is playing on either your playlist in your spotify or on Youtube.

The Weeknd has released in total, counting this current album, nine albums, which have been released between  2011 to 2018. Most albums that artists create have about 10 to 12 songs, but this album has in total six songs which seems pretty surprising. The beat of this entire album and the vocals of it will make you all feel the Weeknd’s pain after the break-up he had with Selena. You can also hear it in his voice when he starts to sing the first verse. People in his Youtube channel immediately noticed the tone in his voice when he started to sing.

At times, you would expect a new rap album from this singer but this is a whole new turn. This album speaks to a lot of people, some can relate to the singer while others believe that the singer is just trying to write and express his feelings towards what happened and how it affected him greatly. Rumors may have been spread like wildfire but we will never know the true reason why the Weeknd wrote this album.

Some people may say the Weeknd wrote this album dedicated to Selena, others may say he wrote this album dedicated for people who goes through relationship problems. We all may never know what is the real reason why he wrote it all we can do is just remain in question and in mystery.

  • Released on March 30
  • Available on Spotify, Youtube, Soundcloud
  • Album has six songs