Sultan’s Market: The best Middle Eastern food in town

By Ashley Medina ’20

When I first spotted Sultan’s Market, I was confused as to whether or not it was open. From a distance, the restaurant looked as if all of the lights were turned off. Once I pulled the door open and walked in, the cashier welcomed my friends and I. At Sultan’s Market, you will be able to find friendly staff members, delicious food, and a calm setting. 

Since my friends and I knew right away what we wanted, we went straight to the counter to order. The cashier very nicely told us the process for ordering and paying at this restaurant.  He let us know that we needed to tell the cooks what we wanted. Since we were not really hungry, I asked the cook if he could show us the size of the bread to see if we wanted to share the sandwich. The cook was very nice about it and with a smile showed me the bread. He also told me that the Falafel Sandwich that I wanted had different levels of spiciness. After the cook finished preparing the sandwiches, he told us to enjoy them and he handed it to the cashier so that we could pay. I ordered a spicy Falafel Sandwich. The portion of my sandwich was pretty big. The sandwich had falafel pieces, which are made out of chickpeas. The sandwich also had hummus at the bottom of the sandwich. Throughout the sandwich, there was a mixture of tomatoes and cucumbers. The falafel sandwich was amazing! I loved the soft but crunchy texture of the falafel pieces. The soft texture of the tomatoes and cucumber mixture complemented the texture of the soft pita bread. What made the sandwich perfect was a spicy sauce that the restaurant offers. 

Apart from the perfect food, Sultan’s Market offers the coziest laid back spot for a Friday afternoon. The lighting in the restaurant was very dim. There also wasn’t all that much space around the restaurant, which was actually a good thing. This made the place give off a homey feel where you could have a calm conversation with your friends. There was not much decor in the restaurant other than the interesting booth tables. The booth tables were made out of reddish wood, which made the restaurant feel a bit vintage. 

Although my experience was amazing, another customer did not seem to run with the same luck. The unsatisfied customer expressed how the restaurant is “cash only. Decent portion but the price could be better. I thought it was a sit-down restaurant, but the food is pre-made so obviously not fresh.” A very important thing to note is that this restaurant is cash only. Although the food is not exactly fresh, it was delicious. I most definitely will be back.