Students travel plans for Christmas

By Zitlalith Cortes ’20

Students at Pritzker have different plans for winter break. Many students plan to travel to different places over winter break, specifically over Christmas. 

Christmas is a holiday which is meant to be spent with family and friends enjoying each other’s company. 

Dayanara Gutierrez, a sophomore, explained where she spends her Christmas, “I go to Wisconsin to spend time with my family and enjoy the holidays and to make the most out of winter break.” “When I travel over the holidays, I tend to travel in car,” said  Gutierrez. For Christmas, Gutierrez has only traveled to Florida and Wisconsin in past years. 

Students travel over the holidays away from Chicago. This is the most common for students who have family in other places. It is also a way to visit family members that live far or have not been seen for a long time.

Brisa Arteaga, a senior, stated where she travels for Christmas: “I travel to visit my family that lives in Mexico and get away from the Chicago weather.” Arteaga travels to Mexico in an “airplane.” Arteaga has “only traveled to Mexico for Christmas”  and has “gone every year since fourth grade.” 

When asked about the difference between spending Christmas in Chicago vs. in another place, Arteaga explained, “Christmas is different in Mexico because of the spirit. In the U.S, everything is very superficial and focused on the food and the best gifts to give to people. In Mexico, it is about faith and what Christmas brings to the church. It is a gathering not with one’s family but the community as a whole.” 

Similarly, Gutierrez talked about the times that she has celebrated Christmas in Chicago, “I’ve only really spent Christmas here in Chicago a few times and it was as a young child, so I don’t really remember much but it was still really enjoyable because we did many fun things, and I was with my dad’s side of the family.”

Even though students travel to distinct places, they still have different overall experiences from each other. Their experience varies from one another but still remain special to them in some aspects. 

Gutierrez explained her opinion on traveling to another place, “When going to another place though, it’s such a fun and amazing experience because I tend to do more things when I travel than when I don’t. Spending the holidays in another place is just overall very enjoyable.”  

Students enjoy their holidays differently depending on whether they stay home or travel to another place. May everyone enjoy Christmas in their own way and traditions.