Students thoughts on famous teens

By Monica Soto ’20

Many students at Pritzker are on social media and see famous people on many platforms. There are some famous teens that are the same age or younger than students at Pritzker. There are teens like singer Billie Eilish, actress Milly Bobby Brown, and dancer Maddie Zieglar..

Teens like Billie Eilish who is very popular with almost all of her songs like “Everything I Wanted and “Ocean eyes”. She just turned 18 and is very successful. That would be the same age as some juniors and seniors students at Pritzker. Life can be very different and sometimes difficult because of the fame makes it hard to go places. Senior Diana Rea stated that Billie Eilish is her favorite artist to listen to. “When I found out her age, I was so surprised because she could be in our same grade.” That being said Rea is “happy for her and she makes good music”. With that in mind, many people would feel weird about someone who is much more successful than they are at such a young age.

Now there are all types of different teens working in different industries. Milly Bobby Brown who is a very well known for her acting on shows like Stranger things on Netflix. Milly Bobby Brown is very well known, so most people at school would know her by name. Stephanie Valenzo, a senior, stated, “15 is very young and [I’m] two years older than her,” but also added that she is very lucky for doing that job that she wants to do. Many students know about singers and actors, but what about dancers? Well, Maddie Ziegler, who is an American dancer, has been on “Dance Moms” on Lifestyle. Senior Lizbeth Martinez, who loves the show, ia aurprised that Maddie Zieglar is 16. Martinez stated, “Everything but the age because she is a teen like us but with a bit of a different like.” Martinez is very happy for her.

Although students do not have the fame that these famous teens have, they are happy for them.