Students take the first Interim assessment of the year

Students take the first Interim assessment of the year

By Dayanara Gutierrez ’22

On Wednesday, Oct. 16, all freshmen, sophomores, and juniors at Pritzker took the first Interim assessment of the 2019-2020 school year to see where they stand. This will be the first time that the freshmen will take this test.

The Interim assessment  is used by educators to “evaluate where students are in their learning process and determine whether they are on track to perform well on future assessments, such as standardized tests or end-of-course exams.” The test is given quarterly and throughout the Noble Network.

Interims are quite similar to the (P)SAT. They have a very similar format/structure, and they have several different sections, including reading and math. Interims are created by teachers/staff throughout the Noble Network. 

The test can bring different reactions and emotions upon the students taking it. Some may feel nervous, while others, such as sophomore Ericka Taboada may not be nervous at all.

Taboada stated, “I’m not nervous for the Interim because I know how it works, and I see them as an opportunity to see where I need the most improvement during sophomore and junior year since the SAT keeps getting closer.”

She also said, “Although taking the Interim has its benefits, it can get pretty annoying to be sitting in one classroom for hours, so I’m dreading that.”

Similarly, Marina Frayre, a sophomore, stated, “Because I’ve taken the Interim several times, I don’t feel nervous anymore. The Interim is something I’ve gotten used to, but it’s not something I enjoy taking. I like the fact that it helps me, but I hate the process of actually taking it.”

On the other hand, freshman Jimena Perez said, “I am pretty nervous about the Interim because I’ve never taken it before. I’ve heard about the Interim from past students that came to Pritzker, but I haven’t heard anything about it from teachers.”

Taboada, Frayre, and Perez said they all hope to gain more knowledge from this test. In addition, Taboada said she hopes to find better test-taking strategies and just like Perez, she also hopes to see what she can improve on.

The Noble Network has been giving out these Interim assessments to students for several years. Typically, students get the following two days off after taking the Interim assessment.

Students at Pritzker will have to take several more Interim assessments throughout the 2019-2020 school year and for the rest of their high school years up until their junior year.

Junior year is the last year students take Interim assessments, which means the Seniors no longer have to deal with this assessment or worry about how they’re going to do on it.