Students take a practice SAT and ACT

By Jennifer Salinas ’18

On Jan. 26 freshmen and sophomores took a Practice ACT while juniors took a practice SAT. The SAT and ACT are given  to give the students practice and an idea of how they would do if they were to take the official test. This year junior  students are required to take the SAT test and ACT, so Pritzker is making sure students are getting the practice they need to be successful. The official ACT and SAT tests are taken during your junior year of high school. Both test will help students get into college, but this year since juniors are given the opportunity to take both; they have more chances at different colleges.

Students were required to bring a calculator, erasers, pencils, and an independent reading book to be prepared for their test. The ACT has four sections Reading, Math, English, and Science. The SAT has a Reading, English, Math without a calculator, and a Math with calculator section. The ACT and SAT are both timed. For some students, the test being timed makes it harder for them to complete the test on time. The time given for each section varies with the test and section it is.

Stephanie Sevilla, a junior, states what she does to help her take SAT practice test, which was “ Eating a healthy breakfast gives me energy to finish taking test.” Sevilla makes sure to eat healthy before taking her test to make sure she is alert during the whole test. Sevilla states her opinion on both the ACT and SAT test “ I prefer taking the ACT because I have learned more strategies throughout the years on how to take the ACT more than the SAT. I think it is necessary to take both tests because it gives us, students, a better opportunity to go to the colleges we want to attend.” Sevilla believes that taking the ACT and SAT are great ways to get into the colleges that students want. It gives students a variety of options to pick from.

Hector Romero, a junior, stated, “To prepare for the SAT I just make sure to practice subjects that I know are rigorous for me.” Romero makes sure he has time to practice in the areas he struggles. Romero also describes why he likes the ACT better than the SAT, he states, “Now I used to say I took a liking on the ACT more than the SAT; however, that was due to the fact we were exposed to it more than we have with the SAT.”

Both test are essential for your acceptance into college. These practice test that are being held at Pritzker are a great way for students to practice on the things they need more help on.