Students struggle to arrive on time after four inches of snow

Students entering Pritzker College Prep on monday morning.

By Monserrat Munoz ’21

Students from Pritzker College Prep struggled to get to school Monday, Jan. 28. On monday morning, there was a large amount of snow that fell. That was the motive to why there were so many absences, as well \as tardiness, due to the heavy snowfall. Students had to change their shoes because of all the snow that was being brought into the building. As sophomore Pricila Ortega mentioned, “I saw a long line of students getting tardy passes and changing from their snow boats to their school shoes.” This was also another conflict for students because it took more class time away from them.

The unclean streets did affect many Chicago students, including Pritzker students, because there were students who had their car stuck in the snow and they were not able to make it to school. As , a sophomore, Odalis Ruelas mentioned in the following statement, “Me and my sister had a very hard time to get to school because the streets were extremely slippery and full of snow.”

Other students had a hard time finding transportation like Ortega stated, “I usually walk to school but I was forced to take an uber due to the snow”.

When the data was recorded, an estimate of 168 students out of 915 were tardy and 145 students out of 915 students were absent. Although there were less absences than tardiness, that affected many students due to the material that was being taught that day because they were going to be a day behind. In comparison to the daily absences and daily tardies, the snow did make a huge change by increasing the number of children who attended school or who arrived late to school.

Many students had mixed feelings about the unclean streets and this is what Ruelas stated, “I think that it was very wrong for the streets not to be cleaned because that can create an injury and that also made me get stuck in traffic.”

Ortega stated that when she was entering the school building, she seen that there was a mixture of chaos and confusion. It was unclear to students if they were going to receive tardy demerits. Students were also a little overwhelmed with the situation of having to take off their shoes in the entrance and that also made them take more time to get to class.

Students are being affected academically and they are risking to get injured due to the icy streets. Not only do students get affected by this but the community, as well as Ortega had stated.