Students react to the 2016 presidential election

Ballot/ Registration receipts

By Jorge Rivera ’17

 The 2016 presidential election took place on Nov. 6. Both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump were running for president. It was difficult to predict what the outcome of the election would be. 270 electoral votes were needed to win the presidency. Clinton won the popular vote with  64,469,963 but she lost because she had 232 electoral college votes. On the other hand, Trump won the nomination by 306 electoral college votes but lost the popular vote with 62,379,366 votes.

 Several students at Pritzker had the ability to vote this year as they turned 18 this year. Many students seemed surprised and scared the next day after Donald Trump was elected as president.

 When asked how he felt about voting, Carlos Oquendo, a senior replied, “It was kind of weird but it felt good because it was a huge sign of growing up.” It was obvious that seniors were excited to vote for their first time. Oquendo also replied “I am a little concerned because Trump made a horrible first, second, third,  [and] fourth impression. I feel like he is going to take the unity out of the United States.”

When asked how he felt about Trump as the president-elect, Dionicio Reyes replied “ I felt like it was a joke to America. I can’t believe we had these two clowns in the race for a position to lead the country. I expect more people who are more qualified to run for president.

Marlene Betancourt , a senior, stated, “I’m afraid for the many hard working people in this country that could get deported. I’m afraid that women’s rights are going to be in the hands of bad people.”

Some students felt as if Trump winning was a good thing. Elijah Perez, a senior,  said, “I have complete faith in Trump. I am not at all concerned that he may be a bad President.”

 It’s clear to see that several students were not happy with the election results but still have hope.