Students preparing to be election judges

St Ladislaus Rectory is one of the polling stations you go to vote.

By Jaime Aguilar ’21

The Mayoral Election is scheduled to be held on Feb. 26, in precincts around the city area. With this election being held, Pritzker was granted the opportunity for its students to part take in this event by being election judges.

Katie Curtin, a Journalism teacher and a person involved with this event, mentioned that she had heard of students taking part in political events last year. Curtin adds, “I learned it was through an organization called Mikva Challenge.” This organization works with high school students, teachers, and schools all across the city to participate in the political process. Curtin later got in touch with the organization and sent out an announcement back in fall to juniors and seniors asking if they are willing to volunteer in this opportunity.

Curtin’s role in this opportunity was to recruit juniors and seniors and check up on them as time went on. Curtin mentioned that she had heard from 20 juniors and seniors who are interested in politics. In the end, 16 were election judges in November, and 7 are continuing and also doing it in February.

The requirements for this opportunity were that the students had to be either seniors or juniors. These students also get paid a certain amount of cash for this event. Spanish speaking students can use their Spanish knowledge to be translators as well.

Before the upcoming election, these same students had participated in an election back in November, so they at least have some experience regarding how it all works. As for how it works, these students had to be put through a series of training classes to learn how to be election judges. Within this training, they were given a lot of information to handle.

Curtin stated,  “ For the most part [students] are assigned to work at polling locations close to their homes.” These locations mentioned are precincts, a district of a city or town that is meant for political purposes such as voting.

After this election, the next one after that is in one year, the presidential election in 2020. Curtin adds, “I would love to have students involved in primaries and general election in 2020.” In those elections, Curtin mentions that she hopes to maintain a relationship with the organization again so that more students could be offered this opportunity to be involved in politics. With the help of this organization, seniors and juniors can participate in this opportunity even if they are not of the age to vote, making them heavily involved in the election process.

If you are of the age to vote, consider voting in this up and coming election because, in the end, it is the people of Chicago that get affected.