Students prepare for National decision day

Melanie has commited to Hope College

By Estrella Mendoza ’17

As Malcolm Gladwell once said, “Truly successful decision-making relies on a balance between deliberate and instinctive thinking.” Have you noticed the stressful faces of the seniors? Are you wondering why? Simple. May 1st is approaching.

May 1st is known as the National College Decision day; it’s the deadline for seniors to make deposits in order to attend the college of their choice.  For many seniors, they are facing the single biggest decision of their lives. It’s not a simple decision to make. This decision will determine what university the  seniors are going to attend for four years of their lives. Many seniors are stressed out regarding to May 1 because choosing the right  college isn’t an easy task. Many factors should be taken into consideration.

Before making your decision, identify who you are as a person and your necessities. Does size matter to you? Do you learn better in an environment of 50 students or more? How close/far from home  do you want to study? You shouldn’t let your major influence your decision. “You need the variety and depth of college coursework to determine your interest and aptitude. Most college students change their minds two or three times before they settle on a major.” Also, a name-brand college wouldn’t determine your success in college. The college you choose should be your decision only. “Choosing a college because your friends are going there or because of where it ranks on a list does not take into account who you are and who you will become. Visiting a college is an essential part regarding to your decision.”

You should visit the college before committing to it. It will help you determine if you want to be part of the community, so start to envision yourself at that college, embrace the atmosphere.

According to Melanie Mojica, a senior, “When choosing a college, the first thing [she] looks at is how far away from home it is. [she] want[s] to be able to get away from home but not too far away where [she] has to worry about flights when [she] rather prefer to drive home. [she] also looks at the size because [she] prefers a small school.“ Mojica has committed to Hope College, and she is excited to begin her journey.

Many seniors have already made their decision. However, some are struggling to commit to a college. According to Carmen Reyes, a senior, “Even though choosing a college is exciting, It’s also nerve wracking. I still haven’t committed to a college.”  It’s understandable; It’s a decision that will determine their  future. It should be stressful but also a relief. You will finally be closer to attending the college of your dreams. “A university should be a place of light, of liberty, and of learning.”  Seniors be ready to commit the college that best fits you.