Students prepare for Community Service due date

This image represents the 2018-2019-year documentation of Community Service Hours that students have to get signed when they turn in their hours to the main office.

By Jarissa Mirabal Paredes ’21

Pritzker students are preparing to finalize their community service hours as the due date is coming up on May 29.

Every grade level has a different benchmark of hours needed, but some students may have to go to summer school for confusion or hours undone.

Community Service is a requirement for students. In addition of how community service works, freshmen have to have 10 hours, sophomores need 30 hours and juniors need 50 hours by the end of the year. While senior need a total of 70 hours by the end of the first semester. Students can complete their community service hours at approved non-Pritzker sites, which means locations outside of Pritzker’s sources like libraries, churches, etc.

Community Service could be stressful for students because, it has to be approved by the school, and if is not then they deny the hours, said Vanessa Bernal, a sophmore. There are different places that students prefer to go,  such as a church or a park mentioned, Melanie Bahena, a sophmore. As talking to Bernal her preparation is having most of the hours done the first semester, so she does not have to worry about having a lot of hours to do. “Paper past out during advisory has help me keep in track on how many hours I still need, or I’m already on track,” Bernal mentioned. There were papers past out to notify students if they were missing or completed community service hours. Students who fail to complete the hours must attend summer school or attend night school. Summer school is only a two week cycle, and students must not have any absences because they will fail the community service class.

Community Service is an opportunity for colleges to see what the student has done for the community/outside of school. As a student goes to college, these hours could help me for “my resume” and “recommendation letter,” said Bernal.

Arianna Lopez, a sophomore, had gone to summer school last year as a freshman because, “I was not prepared, but this year  I’m done early.” She has made some changes, such as getting must of her hours done earlier in the semester and having some left. Having 20 hours due in the first semester could be helpful because it could be a track for students to get most of the hours done.

As the year is almost over, students attempt to get the hours done last minute because they forget. Students should pay attention to announcements and papers past out about the hours if they missing some or they have completed it.