Students perspective about the mile run

John Seed, known as the Father, preaching to his followers. Photo Credit: Chloee Toro

By Mariah Villanueva ’20

At Pritzker College Prep, freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors are required to run the mile in gym. Students need to complete the full mile. The students that achieve a fast score will have their names placed on a bulletin board. Effort that is put in for the mile will reflect good on the students.

Participation is required during gym class. It is important to workout. The more time students take to focus during gym, the more they will begin to have a fit body. Opposed to students that do not try at all to get fit. More practice put into gym will affect people in a good way. The gym teachers push the students to excel in working out. The students who listen and workout are leading on becoming successful.

The students are preparing themselves for when they get older. Since freshmen are new to Pritzker College Prep, they get an advantage seeing how gym works. Normally gym involves all the students from one grade, either freshmen, sophomores, juniors or seniors. The students spread out to begin exercising.  Usually one gym teacher calls out what type of exercise students need to complete. Each gym teacher is in charge of showing the students new skills and techniques. Some exercises will  seem hard at first, but it takes time to adjust. Gym teachers decide when students should begin running the mile.

The mile run consists of a run around the block two times to make up for an entire one mile. Students run the mile so that the gym  teachers can make sure that students are showing improvement when running. The gym teachers provide help to the students that need to improve their mile time. The mile is different from student perspective, either because some students have asthma and cannot run so fast.

But there are other students who are into sports, and they are used to running. Running can be difficult for some people, on the other hand it can be easier for some students. Practice makes perfect. The realization students come to when they are more engaged  they will continue to reach more goals. Jennifer Segura, a sophomore, stated, “I used to get tired but ever since I joined cross country I feel like I have more stamina. I don’t dislike anything about the mile because I like to run. My last mile time was 9:06. I do participate when we do exercises.” Meaning Segura tries her best during gym. Segura will be leading on to become more successful. Segura is doing what is asked from her, and that is to try her best.

In the end, it matters if a student truly feels satisfied. The more motivation a student feels, the more  they feel the need to push themselves to do better. Felicity Castillo, a sophomore, stated, “After the mile I feel like I want to work out more because I like to push myself. I like that I can compete against my old time. I like to be better than how I use to be. I enjoy improving.”