Students Join Baseball Conditioning

By Jaime Aguilar ’21

With baseball season right around the corner, students prepare for it by having conditioning every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Pritzker has done this every year in order to prepare for the upcoming baseball season.

 Players that are interested in baseball have the opportunity to show up and improve their technique. Jesus Guerrero, a junior, said, “I am fairly new to the baseball scene, but conditioning is reassuring and I know that I will develop as time goes on.” 

Within conditioning, students get to work out every day. At first, they run laps around the Pritzker halls as a means of a warm-up. Later on, Mr. Wetmore, the head coach for the Baseball team and a physical education teacher, tells students the workout of the day. Each day will not have the same workout but it will instead have a different workout aimed to improve certain parts of one’s body that are commonly used when playing baseball. The reason being is that by focusing on key parts of one’s body for baseball, the players will have a stronger body and an increase in technique as well.

People just don’t come for the workouts specifically, as Guerrero explained it, “We have not yet started to do things like going to the batting cages, but we will very soon and I am sure that it will help me.”

This year, Wetmore has added baseball managers to report for baseball conditioning. Helen Delgado, a junior, stated “I believe Wetmore wanted the team to have more of a solid foundation for the team before practice or even tryouts start.”

New changes are being implemented to give baseball students an advantage in the future but one thing never changes, team bonding.

Delgado states, “There are returning players attending conditioning and they are very welcoming to new ones that are planning on trying out. Although there is not a set team, everyone is always willing to help one another.” 

There is always a bit of chemistry within new players and experienced players. As Guerrero states, “I think there is a bit of chemistry happening between people already since we are with each other nearly every day depending on who shows.” He goes on to say, “People just begin to exchange basic information and once things start to escalate, I am sure the chemistry between the team will rise.”

This is only the beginning for the baseball players as there will be a tryout for new and old players and then official practices for up and coming baseball games for Pritzker. The baseball season is only beginning to start, so it only goes up from here.