Students’ Ideas on the process of big group

John Seed, known as the Father, preaching to his followers. Photo Credit: Chloee Toro

By Marco Estrada ’19

Something that the Pritzker community focuses on is unity through advisory. Every few weeks there is something called big group.

Big group is when all the advisories group up to discuss a certain subject and talk about it with everyone. At the start, each advisory begins with some kind of cheer. Usually there is a presentation that is prepared in order for teachers to discuss with students. Previous subjects that have been talked about during big group include: social media, ACT, SAT, Interim exams,etc. When the presentation is taking session the teacher might go and ask questions to random students who are in the crowd. A benefit that comes along with big group is that students are able to give their opinions on a certain topic, or ask questions about any concern they might have.

Since big group consists of all the students, depending on the grade level big group focuses on, it will be hard to speak and make it possible for everyone to listen. As well, during big groups there is a limited amount of time that teachers or staff have to finish their presentation; therefore, teachers or staff memebers won’t be able to answer every single question.

During big group the teachers every few months will recognize a student for their hard work and effort in the class. The reward for those students would be a piece of paper that is congratulating them as well as  the recognition in front of all their peers.

When it comes to making a big group happen the teacher who is going to present the presentation has to tell other teachers that there will be a big group occurring. If a student wants to know when the next group is going to occur what a student may do is check the calendar,

In a recent interview with Carmelo Ariza, a sophomore student, he talks about how he felt towards the idea of having big groups. Ariza said that “ my favorite big group was the last one from freshman year because […] teachers encouraged us to do better in our ACT.” Ariza felt that even though it was just someone speaking to him about goals to achieve, in the end it motivated him to do better during the ACT. Ariza also explains, his reaction towards finding out when  there will be a big group, “[…] I get to be with other advisories.” From that it can be understood that he enjoys the idea of unity in Pritzker College Prep. Ariza talk also about his lack of awareness what goes into setting up a big group meeting.  

Another student Kevin Flores, Sophomore student, also talked about his views towards big group. Flores talked about how he would “love to improve the time management.” Flores tries to show how during big groups there are times where students aren’t on topic, so time goes to waste. Ending on a positive note Flores also said that during big groups he “will be able to leave with some knowledge.”