Students attend Engineering Career Day at IIT

Students walk to an engineering building at IIT. Photo credit: Abril Pereznegron

By Abril Pereznegron ’18

On March 4, many Pritzker students came out to school around 7:50 a.m. to attend the Engineering Career Day at Illinois Institute of Technology, also known as IIT.

Shivani Chanillo, AmeriCorps Project volunteer, along with two other volunteers chaperoned the event.

When the students arrived on campus, many looked around with curiosity on their face. The students headed their way to the Engineering expo after being registered.

At the expo, there were many companies and nonprofit organizations showing off their inventions and new innovations. There were many experiments being explained by the Armour College of Engineering  students.

After the expo, students were divided into two groups and then swapped their activities. One group started by learning about the different engineering careers and the other started with a team building exercise. The team building exercise consisted of a competition to create the tallest building with marshmallows and spaghetti straps.

Chanillo said that the event was important because “Learning the details of engineering is important in helping students explore potential majors and careers.”

Anthony Carreno, sophomore who attended the trip, said that the trip was a good experience. “It was worth going because I met people that I probably would not have ever came across in person,” Carreno stated.

Additionally,  “The IIT Engineering Career Day offered the opportunity to engage with undergrad engineering students, researchers creating important innovations, high-level career engineers, and STEM professors” Chanillo argued.