Students attend a camping trip

Students attend a camping trip

By Marlene Betancourt ’17

On Sept. 26 through the 27, 19 students attended a camping trip at Hackmatack National Wildlife Refuge and Big Foot Beach State Park in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. The goal of the trip was to be more involved with the outdoor environment.

To start the camping weekend, students met at Pritzker on Saturday at 7:30 a.m.. On Sunday, the students returned to Pritzker at around 5 p.m.. The students were aware that they were missing the Homecoming dance since they were both on the same weekend.

This trip include many activities in order to get more students involved in the outdoors. Activities included kayaking, paddleboarding, a trip through the forest, looking for monarch butterflies, and looking for milkweed.

This is the fifth annual Hackmatack camping trip. There may also be a camping trip in the spring.  

“I actually enjoyed this trip. It was lots of fun,” explained freshman Sebastian Delgado.   “I love going outdoors and anytime I can share that with students is always a win” stated Pam Johnson, Dean of Culture and Science Club organizer. Johnson added that Pritzker works with Chris Grenier at Inspiring Connections Outdoors (a branch of the Sierra Club) to make the trip happen.

Delgado explained that he thought the meaning of this trip was to discover new and learn more things life.

Throughout the school year, there are trips where students can become more involved with the outdoors. The Science Club takes a trip about once a month. Sometimes they include trips for community service at the forest preserve.  There are also hiking opportunities, like the annual Starved Rock trip. There are also field trips to science museums around the city.  

Going on this camping trip not only offered a great opportunity for students to be away from home for a weekend,  but it was also an amazing time to make friends and try new things.