Students attend a camping trip

     By Alexis Tellez ‘18

On October 2-3, a camping trip was held by Pam Johnson, the Dean of Culture. In the camping trip, students were encouraged spend the two day trip outdoors, where they got to make new friends and explore.

“This was actually our [6th] annual trip. The point of the trip is to offer Pritzker students an opportunity to get out and explore nature, experience camping, and just enjoy the outdoors,” expressed Johnson. The attending students got a first hand at experiencing what outdoor living is like and the depths of nature.

Not only did they get to be outdoors, but they also got to participate in different activities that consisted of nature involvement. Some of these activities included planting trees, cutting down non-native trees, kayaking, hiking, and playing in the field at night. When asked what was their favorite activity done at the trip, Mike Guzman, a junior, stated, “The water activities. We got into canoes and some people got into paddle boards.”

Many students wanted to be part of this incredible trip, but only a few got the chance to attend as there was a limit to the amount of students that could betaken, “The trip is […] close to $2,000. We work with an outside organization called Inspiring Connections Outdoors and they fund-raise all year for this trip and others. They also provide all of the equipment […] which is expensive to purchase so their supplies are limited. For both of these reasons, we only have 25 spots available for the camping trip. This year, over 70 students applied,” stated Johnson.

Students that attended the trip enjoyed the experience of being outdoor and being involved with nature. “ I was going to feel more connected with nature and have the opportunity to not think about things that stressed me out in the city,” summarized  Guzman. This was also a great opportunity to get away from the noisy city and just enjoy some peace and quiet.

It was not just a regular trip, it was also an opportunity to meet new people, “ I liked how I met new people I have never seen before from school,” as stated by Alexandra Garcia, also a junior. For the students that did not attend the trip and wanted to, there are good news. The camping trip is an annual trip, which means that it will be held again next year. It will be another chance to go out and explore and connect with nature. It is encouraged that people take this great opportunity.