Students at the pep rally

Wrestling team being awarded and noticed. Photo Credit: Argenis Salgado

By Argenis Salgado ’21

Students and teachers from all grade levels gathered together in Pritzker’s gym for a pep rally on Feb. 8 to award the winter season teams. A pep rally is a meeting that mostly aims to inspire students with enthusiasm.

At the beginning of the pep rally, students from all grade levels were sent to the gym and organized by advisories while the Pritzker Fight song played in the background with a huge amount of enthusiasm that would surpass any child’s volume. Diogo Garcia, a junior, explained that the percussionists were pretty magnificent and added a sense of proudness into the gym room.

As the pep rally proceeded forward, the Cheerleading team commenced their daily routine in front of the entire school. Many students seemed to be amazed by the phenomenal performance that the Cheerleading team was putting on; moreover, the members themselves also seemed to be proud of their performance. As  Andrea Fajardo, a sophomore and member of the Cheerleading team, stated, “The power that I feel is pretty great because I get to be part of an amazing team with such young ladies and gentlemen.”

The pep rally continued on as strong as it started with great compassion and inspiring words from the spokesperson as coaches walked into the gym followed by their teams. Afterwards, recognition was given to the senior students on the team as a way to remember and, of course, recognize them as individuals that will be soon moving on to college.

Towards the final moments of the pep rally, sports team exited first, followed by advisories from right to left. Additionally, while everyone was exiting, the band played the “Pritzker Fight Song” one more time with the same amount of enthusiasm and pride that they started with. Sports’ team members left with huge honor, strong confidence, and extreme happiness due to the amount of work that they have achieved as well as triumphs that they have obtained, not only for themselves, but for Pritzker as a whole community, Diogo expressed.